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« Editus » building

2009 - 2011

The outstanding performance of the thermal envelope ensures a consistent and comfortable environment through the use of thermo-active concrete slabs. In order to minimize electrical demand, the building relies primarily on natural light for illumination. The position and dimensions of a mechanically controlled ventilation system are optimized to reduce energy consumption. From an ergonomic, acoustic, ecological and health point of view, the characteristics of this construction were so well planned that it became the first building in Luxembourg to obtain DGNB Gold certification. In 2015 DGNB added a platinum certification to which the building was then upgraded.


Beiler + François architectes s.à r.l.
T. +352 26 36 46

Daedalus engineering s.à r.l.
Consulting structural engineer

Jean Schmit Engineering s.à r.l. 
Consulting technical engineer

AIB Vinçotte
Control office

CSD sécurité s.a.
Consulting engineer in other discipline

POST Luxembourg
13 380 000 EUR
DGNB Platinum
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Editus Building  Kayl © OAI 2017 Editus Building Kayl © OAI 2017

Editus Building  Kayl © OAI 2017 Editus Building Kayl © OAI 2017